SideartThere’s a Long Tradition of Films Made About Poets.

There’s a Long Tradition of Films Made About Poets.

How Mediachondria Digital managed to build Valentine’s Day fervor with 7 Giveaways for Scoopski!


Scoopski, the edible cookie dough brand wanted to build a campaign for Valentine’s Day which focused on building a brand presence that celebrated love in all its entirety. The campaign was to be as engaging as possible and imbibe an aesthetic appeal, creating fervor for the days leading up to 14th of February.

The Challenge:

Successfully hosting Giveaways for 7 days and building a millennial sense of FOMO on the brand’s handle with the launch of every giveaway.

The Execution:

Scoopski collaborated with 7 consumer goods brands from diverse industries for this particular campaign. The brands were namely, The Green Snack Co., Rage Coffee, Games Knight, Blur India, The Gourmet Jar, ToeSmith and Greater Than Gin. The giveaway offered two scoopski cookie dough jars and the product that the brand in the collaboration offered to the winners of the giveaway.

Mediachondria Digital worked on the content, photography and videography offering creative aesthetics as a part of the assignment brief. The week leading up to Valentine’s Day saw Scoopski’s Instagram handle put up one tweet post every day in the afternoon. This tweet post incorporated a dad-joke which subtly gave away clues for which brand had they collaborated with next. These tweet posts were activity based, wherein the giveaway participant needed to put their thinking caps on and answer wittingly to win the giveaway. This resulted in higher interaction levels with the brand’s audience, rendering it to be one of the most successful campaigns headed by Mediachondria Digital.

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