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We’re Mediachondria - an integrated marketing agency

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Say hello to the powerhouse of marketing. We’re a group of chemists (almost)
because we love working with solutions. We mix content, social and performance
marketing to create an explosive presence for your business.

Curious? Keep reading.


Human by Design

Designed for the caffeine-sipping, fashion-loving, and upright-sitting (well, almost) species - Homo sapiens sapiens. We create campaigns to educate, entertain and empower your audience, so your brand stands out like that one last vacant seat in a Mumbai local.

Omni-channel Approach

Here’s one similarity between your brand and puppies, they should be EVERYWHERE! We help you diversify your marketing efforts and create a consistent experience for customers across different touchpoints to be on top of your game.

ROI Based

Yes! We’re finally saying the three magical words - Return On Investment. We help you plan, execute, and measure your marketing campaigns and leverage the data to help you get the best bang for your buck (as the marketing folks call it- ROI)!

Driven by Data

Running a campaign without data is like driving a car without a seatbelt. You can do it, but it’s a sure-fire recipe for a disaster. We love our data, it drives all our marketing decisions from making chai to making campaigns.


But but..don’t believe us yet! Hear from our clientele (possibly the only people who enjoy the traffic).

Mediachondria is a young and enthusiastic organization, under the leadership of Hiral Shah, who has been growing our social media through creative content and understanding of our varied audiences. Strong professionals handling our online ads. More than these things, I appreciate their proactiveness to take responsibility for growth.

Ganesh Malani Director, Shecup

Mediachondria communications has been a pleasure to work with! The communication, commitment, and speed of delivery is impeccable. Hiral comes up with the most creative of ideas, and not only that, she also comes with a meticulous execution plan at the same time. Safe to say, Mediachondria is Scoopski’s unfair advantage!

Vedika Tibrewal Founder, Scoopski

The process of branding and packaging with Mediachondria was really good and smooth. The ideas, design and the whole process was made sure by Hiral that it is inline and she took care of every small minor detail. From understanding the smallest things and trying her best to show it in her delivery was something commendable. In my opinion nobody does that. Love her work and also thoroughly love the way she helped us in our logo and other details. We got a lot of positive comments and feedback for the same which made us more sure that we can contact her for more business. Honestly everyone should go to Mediachondria Digital for all their digital requirements.

Kajal Purohit Mahalo


Hi, I’m Hiral Shah. I want to talk about three things I’m passionate about -Cryptocurrency, Whiskey, and Kylie Jenner. Who am I kidding? I don’t know anything about any of these things.

But here, I’m talking about one of the other things I’m passionate about – growing businesses by providing real, value-based, humane marketing. Okay, that’s quite a mouthful, but short story long, we’ve created this agency to deliver kickass content, a solid data-driven approach, and of course, unparalleled support for our clients.

Mediachondria is our love letter to marketing and growth. So, hop on, fasten your seatbelts and join us for the ride of your life.

Here’s what we do…

Daydreaming, zoom meetings, scrolling endlessly, and these things…

Branding and Packaging

Performance Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Photography and Videography

Web Design and Development

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing and Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization

For business queries: work@mediachondria.com
For careers: work@mediachondria.com

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