Social Media Marketing

When we say social, we mean social!

While a 7-year-old can post on Instagram, it takes a lot more to build your presence on social. We plan, strategize and create content for your social media platforms, but it doesn’t end there. Through our online-reputation management, we also nurture your brand’s connection with users and also track all the progress through reporting and analysis.

Branding and Packaging

It’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s about what’s on the inside. Scrap that!

In a world where visuals and tonality can make or break your brand, it is important to establish your brand personality. We can help you build a concise brand personality to attract new customers and nurture loyal ones.

Performance Marketing

Oh, is this the part where we try to impress you with jargon like data analysis, upward trajectory,
or ROAS?

Well, we could do all of that, but what we believe in doing is tailoring media buying solutions for your business and helping you reach more users and convert them into your customers. (Oh, and if you’re a nerd like us, we capture data, analyze it and run strategic paid marketing campaigns to boost your ROI.)

Influencer Marketing

Believe us or not, influencers are the superstars of the internet!

We work with genuine influencers across various platforms and domains to help you gain more credibility and reach relevant users. Whether you’re looking for the biggest bloggers in the game or micro-influencers, we do it all.

Photography and Videography

We love talking, but sometimes, we let our visual content do the work.

Consumer decisions are heavily influenced by how aesthetically pleasing your brand’s visual content is. Whether you need clean and simple pictures for your e-commerce listing or styled pieces of art for your social media, we got you covered.

Web Design and Development

We’re letting you in on a secret- your business can function without a website…

BUT…will a website help you gain more credibility? Yes! Will it help you grow your business? Yes. Will it also help you capture more data to gain an edge over your competitors? Absolutely! So whether you’re starting from scratch, redesigning your website or maintaining and optimizing
it, bring it our way.

Content Marketing and Copywriting

If something has been constantly selling since the Babylonian era, it must be pretty powerful!

Yes, that’s how old is the art of copywriting. Modern-day copywriting relies on a deep understanding of who your customers are and telling them impeccable stories. At Mediachondria, we love our content just the way it should be – simple, clear, powerful.

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