Scoopski’s Biscuit Spread Launch

Scoopski’s Biscuit Spread Launch

How Mediachondria Digital promoted India’s first biscuit spread by Scoopski to #GetSpreadGo with the decadent snackable!


Scoopski, a brand which sells its namesake as edible cookie dough wanted to launch a biscuit spread through their social media handle and build conversation around the product. The spread was to be promoted as a lifestyle and premium product but one, which a person could indulge in on an everyday basis.  

The Challenge:

Mediachondria Digital had to match the existing quirky brand messaging of the account while highlighting the indulgence that the biscuit spread offers.

The Execution:

Mediachondria Digital started with designing the packaging of the product. This proved to be a real challenge since the shape of the jar wasn’t very easy to work with. The tapering shape of the jar made it a little difficult to incorporate a design which would flow seamlessly with the contents of the jar and thus, needed to adopt a creative execution on the designing end.

The marketing campaign needed to encompass a feeling of indulgence and so the photography and videography of the product was executed in a manner that focused on application-based lifestyle shots. Set on the breakfast table, these shots conveyed the message of the spread becoming an everyday staple.

India's first biscuit spread by Skoopski
The idea of the spread launch was devised to portray it as a premium eatable that could potentially become a part of a man’s everyday life.

This ideology was kept in mind to build a narrative which promoted the caramelly and indulgent biscuit spread as a must-have spread jar in one’s kitchen cabinet.

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