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Chocolate Launch

How Mediachondria Digital built a nostalgic narrative to launch a limited edition chocolate for Scoopski!


Scoopski wanted to launch a limited-edition chocolate and build a story which would imbibe a sense of nostalgia amongst their audience. The themes that the brand wanted to play with were subtle, playful and dainty.

The Challenge:

The brand messaging so far had always been direct, open and bold. This campaign needed to take a different direction from the usual branding which was not just representative of the product but also represented childhood memories.

Skoopski chocolate launch


Mediachondria Digital took an approach which started off with the packaging of the chocolate that was built in watercolor illustrations. These illustrations were demonstrative of childhood memories and were set on a white background with elements filled in pastel shades.

Since this limited-edition chocolate was made available only to those who signed up to an exclusive link, for the same, the team needed to create buzz around its exclusivity.

Using pop culture references of Dua Lipa’s iconic song, Levitating and One Kiss Is All It Takes, the social media posts were set in trending templates prior to the chocolate launch.

A treasure hunt which re-directed viewers to different Instagram accounts that held answers to separate clues was also held. This proved to be a major hit as it built on engagement and made the launch as interactive as it could possibly get.

With the use of color blocking techniques and stock imagery, the creatives designed offered an aesthetic appeal and enhanced the feed design of the brand. The photography, videography, social media launch, content creation and ideation were all executed by Mediachondria Digital and to say that executing this campaign was just chocolaty treat, would be an understatement!

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