InsightsHow to socialise with the right social media agency!

How to socialise with the right social media agency!

If you’ve wondered how the big guys manage to host such exclusive social media campaigns and wish you could replicate the same for your brand, you’re not alone. Coming up with quirky ad copies and marketing campaigns which create awareness at such a large scale is not an easy job. What with how difficult it is to catch the eye of a viewer; you may think that finding the needle in the haystack is not such a bad idea after all.

In a world crawling with social media agencies, landing the right one can be a task. And without getting a few pre-requisites right, chances of you getting confused are quite high. Think of it this way, when you enter a grocery store without a list, you end up buying a lot more than what you just need. This, is how it may seem if you do not know how to decide on a social media agency for your brand.

We’ve made a checklist for you before you sit down with a social media agency and hand over your credentials!

1. Identify what you need from the social media agency.

Whether you want them to take care of all your channels, your interactions, the content, the frequency with which you want to post, content ideation, feed designing, advertising or collaborations. There’s a lot more that goes into it so it’d be a better idea to be able to get the list of deliverables from their end as well as yours.

2. Define your KPIs

The conversions that you wish to measure are also another important parameter that you must identify before sitting down with a brand manager. Boosting engagement, directing more leads to your website or connecting with a larger and uber network- whatever you feel will work best to build your brand must be your top-most priority. Now, it’s also important you set realistic KPIs.

Durex isn’t going to want to sell its condoms online, it’s only going to want to create awareness around the brand.

Accordingly, define your objective and set KPIs which you wish the social media agency to fulfil for you.

3. Get your Holmes on!

We all know that a dish best presented with the garnishing and a killer aesthetic is wasted if it doesn’t go on your social. But every social media agency is going to be able to give you that. So, going through the past campaigns that the social media agency has been a part of, identifying the narrative that the agency is trying to build and the kind of content that it puts up is quite important.

For instance, at Mediachondria Digital, we aim at building a humane and meaningful account that facilitates dialogue between you and your target audience.

Trusting your brand with a social media agency is a big step which involves putting trust in them to grow your brain-child.

4. Set your budget

A key element is communicating your budget and how much do you wish to spend on your social presence with the agency. If you throw a wallet at a brand manager, it will always be full while you throw a wallet at a creative agency, it’s always going to be empty. What’s crucial is that you set a budget and communicate it in advance, be it for paid promotions or just the management. You’d be defying the purpose of Social Samosa’s Instagram handle and for once, even we’re quite sure that they would be happy of you doing so!

If you’re still feeling slightly clueless with how to table the conversation and aren’t aware of what you are stepping into, we’ve gotten a few prompts to get you started

  • What kind of an agency are you? Which category of brands do you specialise in?
  • What do you think of our current social media handles?
  • Which avenues do you think we can explore on?
  • How will you measure the growth of our page?
  • Do you outsource your work?
  • Which social media management tools do you use?

Your social media presence matters the most in the digital world today and choosing the right one necessitates good investment and efforts. As they say, your social circle is one which defines your persona and choosing the right one is an important decision. So, if you are looking for a no-obligation quote, we’d love to hear about your ideas.

Till then, happy hunting!

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